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To develop an entirely different experience in your shopping, Shop With Ambro makes an excellent arena for your desires. We are currently made a marvellous path to impart you some exclusive and unique ready to eat food items that will make your celebrations completely exceptional. We are located at Kozhikode, Kerala and always online for your events. You can also recollect us on Instagram as we were one among you with some outstanding food exploring vlogs at @explorewithambro. So we ought to manage our prevailing uniqueness on upcoming products. Keep in touch with us and explore an enormous collection of exclusive foods

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Our Mission

You have tasted an abundant of foods in the span of your lifetime. Unfortunately, you have left behind many taste-worthy foods of different cultures and nations. You may don't have enough time to get the taste of those foods in your tongue. We are on a mission of bringing you to some exclusive and unique tastes of different areas of the world in a handy mode. Shop with Ambro also has a determination to make uniformity on some specific foods that available in market through different manners. You will get those items from us in the exact and original taste which will remain on your heart unforgettable forever. We try to avoid boundaries between tastes of several areas as you will get indelible memories of some tongue-watering foods. Your heart will be freshened with the marvellous taste on your mouth once you being with us to explore the varieties of the world.

Our Vision

Filling your belly with mind boggling foods is a fantastic way to fulfill your mind with complete satisfaction. We aim at imparting contented eating experience for all who love tasty foods. A food is being accepted by mind only when it becomes in its exact taste and original manner. Shop with Ambro is on a venture to serve you some foods with original quality and style. We know very well through our food blogging experience of years, how to make an eater crazy on his dish. So we will proffer you some unique delicious dishes in its exact taste for making your celebrations lovely and satisfactory with unprecedented tastes. Explore the world of foods with us and order your favourite special celebration dishes on Shop with Ambro.

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